Sales Consultant Spotlight – Jerry Martin

Spotlight on Jerry Martin

Senior Sales Consultant Jerry Martin has been with Sauder Worship Seating for over 23 years. Based out of Colorado Springs, Jerry has helped congregations create beautiful interior worship settings throughout Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, and New Mexico. He began his career in furniture when he joined the Sauder team in September 1998. Jerry appreciates showcasing the beautiful craftsmanship, and lasting durability of the pews, chairs, and custom chancel pieces that Sauder Worship provides. He describes himself as a self-starter who loves working independently, and making things happen as a sales consultant.

Jerry is married with two children and has a diverse number of interests that keep him busy, including bicycling, astronomy, and blacksmithing. In his spare time, he also enjoys roasting his own coffee and making sourdough bread from a start that is more than ten years old.

When asked about his favorite Sauder Worship Seating product, he replied, “My favorite product is the one that my customer prefers. I am most satisfied with this work when my customer is excited about a particular type of furniture and how it will look and function in their space.”

If you have any questions for Jerry or are looking to furnish your house of worship, please reach out to him by email at

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