Our PlyFold collection is the ideal wood folding chair for comfort, stability and durability. These chairs are appropriate for worship spaces, event seating, teen meeting rooms and study areas, or for extra seating options when needed for holidays or on more crowded weekends. PlyFold is available in all wood or upholstered options. Using a chair dolly, 16 to 20 PlyFold chairs can be stored.

This patented design offers a unique safety feature over standard folding chairs. PlyFold chairs do not fold unless lifted up, eliminating the possibility of the chair folding or collapsing while a child is sitting.

Perk provides practical styling in a durable resin, making it a versatile seating solution for worship spaces or social areas. Perk chairs have an engineered poly frame that is easy to clean and contoured cushions provide ergonomic comfort. These chairs are stackable up to 8 high.

Maintenance or church volunteers can easily replace the seat and back pads to extend the life of PlyFold and Perk chairs inexpensively.

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