Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a price?

All of our pricing is provided through your local sales consultant. Please feel free to determine your local sales consultant by using the Consultant Locator feature on this website or call us at 800.537.1530.

Can you match the stain color already in our building?

Sauder does do custom stain matches. For a nominal fee, we can customize the color of your pews. We ask that you send us a sample of the wood you need matched and we will match it and send it for approval prior to staining your new furniture.

Can I buy stain?

Sauder Manufacturing Company’s stain is formulated for our production process. This stain does not work well on-site. Also, stain is considered a hazardous material and we are not licensed by OSHA to sell it.

How long is a standard pew?

All pews are built to the custom lengths needed by each customer.

What do you have in stock?

All furniture is custom built for each customer.

Will your company take up our pews (so we can put down new carpet) and put them back in place?

We will remove and re-anchor pews manufactured by Sauder Manufacturing Co. Please contact your local sales consultant for prices for this option.

What is the best way to match your stain?

Finish match samples are available from Sauder. We can send you a 4 x 4 piece of wood with your selected stain color. You can then take that sample to your local hardware or paint store and they can do a color match for you.

How many chairs will fit in my space?

All spaces are different. Your Sales Consultant is trained to assist you in finding the number of seats that will properly fit in your area.

Do you re-finish pews?

Sauder re-upholsters pews, but we do not re-finish them.

Do you re-upholster pews?

Yes, we re-upholster pews. Your Sales Consultant would be happy to get you pricing and fabric samples.

Do you have used pews?

Sauder offers only new, custom-built pews.

Are solid wood pews better?

Solid wood is certainly a critical material in the manufacturing of pews. Some companies will even tell you their pew is better because it is made entirely from solid wood. But don’t stop your research there. How solid wood is dried, handled, and used in a product are all very important considerations in determining the ultimate quality of the product. Furthermore, while there are many parts of a pew that should only be constructed of solid wood, there are other parts where it makes more sense to use other materials, such as veneers, plywood, particleboard, or MDF (medium density fiberboard), that will increase the performance and longevity of the pew.

Are Grade D fabrics better than Grade A fabrics?

The fabric grading scale is not linked to quality or durability of a fabric. Grade is determined by the price at which we receive the fabric from our suppliers. This price is determined by fiber content and construction, intricacy of the weave and pattern design, and performance characteristics. Grade D fabric is more expensive than Grade A but is not an indicator of performance.

The Sauder Manufacturing Company warranty covers our standard pew fabrics for 10 years and chair fabrics for 10 years.

Is the fabric flame-retardant or is that extra?

All Sauder Manufacturing Company’s standard fabrics for upholstered Worship Furniture pass the flammability standards listed below: CA TECHNICAL BULLETIN 117-SECTION E – This is a minimum test procedure to rule out extremely flammable fabrics. It is mandatory for all furniture sold in the State of California. It is used nationwide as a minimum voluntary standard.

UFAC – This cigarette ignition test procedure will give an idea of a fabric’s propensity to undergo smoldering combustion in combination with a standard filling material. The National Fire Protection Association for hospitals and prisons cites it as do many hotel chains. It is a voluntary standard used nationwide by the upholstery furniture manufacturers.

Many of our fabrics also pass the following tests: (more information about these tests can be obtained by calling Sauder Manufacturing Company)
NFPA 260 (same as UFAC)

What is typical back to back spacing?

36” back to back spacing is typical to provide space to move easily between rows.

Where can I get a copy of your warranty?


What is your lead-time?

Lead-time is the amount of time it takes us to process your order, take field measurements, develop the pew layout for your approval, build your furniture, and begin shipping to your facility.

Our standard product lead-time is approximately 14 weeks. It may be possible to deliver sooner than this, and as your project progresses we will work with you to help determine the best possible delivery. Lead-time begins when the details of your order are complete.

Sauder Manufacturing Co. has a Shared Expectations program that our Project Coordinators walk you through in order to help ensure a positive buying experience.

Who is my sales consultant?

Sauder has sales consultants located throughout the country. To find your local sales consultant, please see our Sales Consultant Locator.

Do you sell to dealers?

Sauder Manufacturing has sold products to dealers in certain situations. Please contact your local Sauder sales consultant to discuss these situations.

Why do I have to talk to a sales consultant?

Our sales consultants have pricing for all standard products available to them. The sales consultants are better able to schedule any necessary presentations or showing of samples.

Can you send me literature?

We will be happy to send you any literature that you require. Digital copies of our literature can be downloaded from any of our product pages. If you prefer printed copies, please contact your local sales consultant, or request specific literature by filling out the contact us form. When filling out this form, please note your request for literature in the “Comments” field.

Can I set up my delivery date now?

Pews are scheduled along with building or renovating your facility. This process may take many turns, and it is not possible, at the very early stages, to know exactly when your facility will be ready for its first service. Sauder Manufacturing Co. has a program, Shared Expectations, which walks each project through the process. If, however, you are replacing pews and are not doing any remodeling or building, it is possible to set up your delivery window immediately upon receipt of all details.

What does ready date mean – delivery date?

Ready date is the date when your facility will be ready to accept new furniture. When an order is placed with Sauder, each customer is assigned a Project Coordinator to work with. Your Project Coordinator will be able to give you delivery and installation information for your project.

Who unloads the furniture?

Sauder Manufacturing Co. takes care of unloading the pews.

Do you finance?

Sauder Sales Consultants can put you in touch with a financing company.

Do you buy used pews?

Sauder does not purchase used pews. Some options on how to dispose of your used pews are: List in a local newspaper, check with your local Sales Consultant for a possible contact, list on eBay or a similar website auction.

Where are you located?

Sauder Worship Seating is located in Archbold, Ohio.

What do you sell (just pews? stained glass? Carpet? Custom carving/engraving?)

Sauder Manufacturing produces pews, wood chairs, auditorium seating, and platform furniture items (i.e. pulpits, lecterns, altars, etc.)

Do you finance?

Sauder Sales Consultants can put you in touch with a financing company.

Here are general guidelines on care of your fabrics and finishes. We strongly suggest you call our offices to find out what fabric was applied to your furniture so that we can supply you with your fabric content and cleaning code. This information is very helpful for you as you contact your local professional upholstery cleaner to assist you in the care and maintenance of your fabrics.

How do I get candle wax off?


  • Cool the wax by laying an ice pack on it until the wax becomes hard and brittle.
  • Flex the fabric and flake off all you can with a spoon, then brush with a dry toothbrush and vacuum out the small particles.


  • Harden wax with an ice pack.
  • Crumble off wax with fingers.
  • Scrape gently with plastic spatula.
  • Remove remaining wax with naphtha or mineral spirits.
  • Rub briskly with furniture polish and wipe dry with a clean cloth.

What should I use to clean the fabric on the pews?

For Stubborn Stains:

  • 1 tsp. Dawn dishwashing detergent in 1 gallon of water.
  • Spray until wet
  • Scrub with bristle brush
  • Wet vacuum to remove excess
  • Spray with clean water
  • Wet vacuum again
  • Let air dry
  • Extremely dirty areas may need a second application.

What should I use to polish the pews?

The furniture should be thoroughly cleaned prior to polishing. DO NOT APPLY ADDITIONAL COATS OF POLISH WITHOUT FIRST CLEANING, since an accumulation of polish, dirt particles and perspiration can severely damage or sometimes lift finish.

To wash the wood surfaces, make a sudsy mixture of mild soap such as Murphy’s Oil Soap and water. Apply with a clean soft cloth from which most of the water has been wrung. Work fast, washing rinsing and drying a small area at a time, so that no moisture is allowed to stand. Be sure to overlap washed areas.

After cleaning, apply a good grade of furniture polish. BE SURE TO SELECT A POLISH THAT DOES NOT CONTAIN SILICONE, since this may cause damage to the furniture finish.

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What is your lead-time?

Our standard product lead-time is approximately 14 weeks. It may be possible to deliver sooner than this, and as your project progresses we will work with you to help determine the best possible delivery. Lead-time begins when the details of your order are complete.

When can I expect my furniture to be delivered?

An on-site delivery date will be established once all details needed for production and installation (if applicable) have been received. Delivery of Goods may be separate from commencement of installation.

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