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Quality and craftsmanship form the foundation of everything we do. Just as the traditions we’ve upheld for over eight decades at Sauder Worship Seating. We offer a full line of pew selections, from all woodcurved, and mitered to upholstered church pews. Our pews come in a full range of body styles, ends, accessories, and multiple fabric and finish options for customization. We make it easy to add character and functionality to any worship space and take great pride in our work. We offer a warranty of 25 years on our church pews that includes a state-of-the-art finish process. This process provides a durable, long-lasting finish surface on our seating that is not harmful to the environment.

How much space per person?

There are questions to consider in the early planning stages of a new church and when replacing pews in an existing building. You’ll want to consider how many people you want to seat. How much space will each person take? Building code is the standard that architects and builders are required to use. It says to allow 18 inches of seating per person. At Sauder Worship Seating, we recommend 20 inches per person as a guide for choosing your maximum seating capacity.

Sauder pews, solid wood with upholstered seat and wood back

Straight Pews

Sauder pews feature contoured seats that are ergonomically designed for maximum comfort.

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Radiance solid wood curved pews from Sauder

Radiance™ Curved Pews

Create a warm, welcoming worship space with Radiance™ Curved Pews.

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Definity fully upholstered pews from Sauder Worship Seating


Definity® are individually designed seats and provides a sense of community, like pew-style does.

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Duet church pews from Sauder Worship Seating


Duet™ is a blend of modern ingenuity with traditional pew design, featuring auditorium seats.

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Cantilevered Hanging Pew End

Pew Ends

With a selection of more than 100+ standard solid wood pew ends and the flexibility to produce custom requests, our team can assist in creating a worship environment that serves you.

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Wood Pencil Card Holder on Back of Pew

Pew Accessories

Accessorize your furniture, adding organization and versatility to your worship space.

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Frontals provide the front row worshipper with modesty screening and support when paired with kneelers.

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Wooden Upholstered Kneeler


With optimized long-lasting comfort and durability, plus reduced noise, Sauder Worship Seating pew kneelers are designed as an integral part of the pew body.

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Case Study

St. Raphael Parish

The reputation of Sauder Worship Seating as a premier supplier of worship seating has earned recognition among many Catholic dioceses including the historic St. Raphael Church in Koloa, Hawaii...

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