Project Planning Services

Project Planning

Sauder Worship Seating has helpful services to assist you. We are not only there from the start, but all the way to finish. Even during the planning phase of your new seating project.

In House Guidance

In-House Guidance

The Sauder Worship Seating team is an integral part of your project. During the building of a new worship facility, or the renovation of an old one.

Design Assistance Services

Design Assistance

Our Sauder Worship Seating team is happy to provide design assistance. We enjoy making your vision become a reality. And your team will be there during the entire process.

Reupholstery Services

Reupholstery Services

Reupholstering is often easy, as well as affordable. Not to mention it is also an environmentally responsible option. Take a look at how easy it easy to reupholster your existing furniture.

Replaceable Pads

Replaceable Pads

Many Sauder Worship Seating chairs have replaceable seat and back pads. This helps to extend the life of the chairs. Replacing the pads gives your chairs a whole new look and life.

Renovation Services

Renovation Services

Sauder Worship Seating can be a trusted partner in the renovation of your facility. We have more than 80 years’ experience in our services. And we pride ourselves on doing what is best for your place of worship.

Our team is here to help with questions. Let us know how we can assist.