Clarity™ and Vista auditorium seats give a contemporary style while adding a modern feel to any worship space. Our expertise in worship furniture combined with modern technology has allowed us to develop quality theater-style seating. Auditorium seats from Sauder Worship provide quality, comfort, and functionality for the way you worship. Our auditorium seats also offer the lowest lifetime ownership cost.

Choose from two unique back styles that both provide unparalleled comfort and remarkably quiet operation. Two seat widths are also available due to our unique variable spacing system that uses adjustable brackets. This system allows for spacing flexibility and a reduction of unusual seat transitions. Sauder Worship also provides even row ends to create clean aisle sightlines at installation.

Clarity and Vista have many options available, allowing your worshippers to have everything they need right at their seats.

What is the advantage of Sauder Worship Auditorium Seats?

Clarity and Vista come with gravity lift seats. The gravity lift creates the slimmest (18.5”) profile in the up position. As a result, it allows for more standing room without compromising comfort. The gravity lift seat decreases how many moving parts may need to be replaced and is extremely quiet when it moves. Sauder Worship Seating produces over 80% of its components domestically, and 100% of our auditorium seat assembly is done in the USA.

Unlike other theater style seats, ours have a design with ergonomic comfort. Every seat features a contour shape and lumbar support, with over 4” of foam at critical pressure points.

The seat and back cushions are renewable, allowing for quick and easy replacement should they become damaged or worn. The renewability of the cushions is also a convenience when making interior updates to your worship space.

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