Upholstered Seat & Wood Back Curved Pews

Sauder Worship Seating offers a complete line of upholstered seats and wood back pews. These pews feature a contoured, ergonomically correct seat that provides long-term support and comfort.

Because of their beauty and function, Radiance™ Curved Pews are ideal for any worship space. Each is created specifically for your facility and customized directly to your floor plan as part of the process. 

Radial pews have a design with concentric radii meaning that pews radiate from a central point. The seating creates a stunning feature accenting building architecture while also serving a purpose for your church.

Using Sauder Worship Seating upholstered seats and wood back curved pews will provide your worship space not only with beauty, but also function. Our pews are custom to your facility’s needs, and because of this, we truly offer furniture for the way you worship. We also use a state-of-the-art finishing process on all of our wood seating. This process provides a durable, long-lasting finish to your church furniture. All Sauder Worship Seating pews come with a standard 25-year warranty in order to give you confidence in our construction.

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