Pneumatic Kneeler Assist

The Sauder Worship Seating Pneumatic Kneeler Assist is now offered as a standard option on new pews. The pneumatic assist option is available on all NEW Sauder products including straight pews, radial pews, mitered pews and frontals.

Pneumatic Kneeler Assist with Kneeler in Up Position
Pneumatic Kneeler Assist with Kneeler Midway Down
Pneumatic Kneeler Assist with Kneeler in Down Position

Pneumatic Assist Benefits:

  • Allows for quieter contact points between the kneeler and floor surface. The quiet contact makes for less disruption during times of kneeling.
  • The pneumatic piston has been tested over 25,000 cycles (up and down) to ensure longevity.
  • Covered by 3-year warranty.

No more noisy kneelers. The Pneumatic Kneeler Assist are America’s best church kneelers in terms of quality and quietness. For more information on how we can upgrade your pews and kneelers, contact your local sales consultant today to get started. Learn more about this standard option.

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