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Sales Consultant Spotlight Cavin Lambert

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The spotlight is on Cavin Lambert, a seasoned professional representing Sauder Worship Seating since 2005. Based in Kansas, Cavin’s territory spans the Midwest across North and South Dakota, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Arkansas. His background in ministry provides servant leadership through his commitment to serving others, and his understanding of customers’ needs is second to none. We interviewed Cavin to learn more about him as a person and sales consultant.

Tell us a little about yourself.

Being active in the church has been a central fiber of my being. I’ve always tried to live by a motto: “All people matter to God, and if they matter to God, they ought to matter to me.” This is especially important in my profession because customers of any denomination or organization deserve the same respect and attention to their needs every time. This year, my wife Diana and I will be celebrating 20 years of marriage, and together, we have raised four children and have two grandchildren. Born and raised in Kansas, I’m a lifelong fan of the Kansas City Chiefs. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my wife, children, and grandchildren, along with pursuing my hobby of model railroading.

How did you get your start in the furniture industry?

I never imagined myself working in the church furniture industry, but looking back, it feels like a natural fit. Before I became a sales consultant for Sauder Worship Seating, I was a minister at my church. As a minster, I gained a deep understanding of the needs of congregations and the role that furniture plays in creating a comfortable and welcoming worship space. When I heard about the opportunity with Sauder Worship Seating, I knew it was something I wanted to pursue. It allowed me to combine my knowledge of the church with my passion to serve and to help people meet their needs. Now, as a sales consultant, I feel like I am making a difference in the lives of many congregations, parishes, and synagogues across the country. The work is challenging, but also incredibly fulfilling. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve in this industry, and I look forward to continuing to help churches and synagogues create meaningful spaces for worship and fellowship.

What Do You Enjoy About Your Job as a Sales Consultant?

As a sales consultant, what I enjoy most about my job is the opportunity to connect with people on a personal level. I enjoy the customer-facing role where I can meet new people and hear their stories. It’s really rewarding to be able to create a relatable space where customers feel comfortable sharing their needs and challenges. For me, the key to success in this business is building solid relationships from the start. That means taking the time to really listen to our customers and understand their needs, so that we can find common ground and connect on a personal level. I believe that when we build strong relationships with our customers, we not only earn their trust and loyalty, but we also create a more enjoyable and satisfying work environment for ourselves. So, what I enjoy most about my job? I enjoy the opportunity to connect with people and build lasting relationships that benefit everyone involved.

What product is your favorite and why?

My absolute favorite product has to be our Clarity™ auditorium seating. First and foremost, our Clarity auditorium seats are incredibly dynamic and versatile, providing exceptional benefits and solutions to any worship space. When I sit on one of these seats, I can immediately feel their ergonomic comfort, allowing me to focus on the worship experience fully. This comfort, combined with their functionality, makes them perfectly tailored to the way we worship. Each time I attend a service or event where our Clarity seats were installed, I am reminded by the care and dedication our Sauder team had when designing this product, and I couldn’t be more grateful for how they enhance my worship experience.

Clarity® Auditorium Seating from Sauder Worship Seating in various colors of red, black, and gray.
Sauder Worship Seating Vantage Upholstered Worship Chairs inside church.

A memorable project.

As a sales consultant for Sauder Worship Seating, I enjoyed working on a particularly memorable installation project for Faith Bible Church in Edmond, Oklahoma. The project involved our Vantage chairs and Clarity™ auditorium seating. The client was a church that had used our Plylok chairs for over 20 years. They had such a great experience with our products’ quality in the past that they wanted to work with Sauder Worship Seating again. Their main goal was to ensure that their new worship center had the same quality products as their previous chairs. We worked closely with the building committee and the architect group to provide the selection of seating that would provide excellent longevity and meet their vision for ministry. The project was a huge success, and the church was delighted with the final product. It was a great experience to be part of such a meaningful project, and it’s a testament to Sauder Worship Seating’s commitment to providing high-quality church furniture that meets the unique needs of our customers.

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