Fixed or Flexible?

Fixed or flexible seating, which do you prefer? When deciding on furniture, it is very important to think about the uses of particular space. As well as seating requirements for the space. Is the area designated for new seating solely worship focused? If so, you will want fixed seating. Or is the location a multi-use area? Therefore needing flexible seating.

With fixed seating an installation crew comes to your location and properly secures the furniture to the floor. Using CAD drawings with specific measurements, the installation crew will drill holes into flooring. Pews or auditorium seating will then be anchored down using special screws. These screws tie into the floor to secure furniture. A cap provides a clean, finished look once the installation is complete. Plates cover and protect screws when using auditorium seating.

Sauder Worship Seating first introduced our Radiance™ Curved Pew in 2013. Inspired by nature, crafted with experience!

Fixded Seating Radiance Curved Pews

Flexible seating are chairs that you can move at any time. This allows the space to be a multi-functioning area. Typically stackable seating is chosen, which allows for easy set-up and tear-down.

One of our most popular chairs is the Vantage chair.

Flexible Seating Vantage Chair

Your Sauder Worship Seating Consultant will be able to answer any questions or help make a recommendation on which style of seating will best fit your needs.

Sauder Worship Seating: Fixed Seating (secured to the floor)

When taking measurements, your rep will make a note of what kind of flooring you have so that our installation crew has the right tools and supplies for a seamless installation.

Pews and Benches

Auditorium Seating

Sauder Worship Seating: Flexible Seating (movable and stackable)

If you are interested in connecting (interlocking) chairs to create straight lines, remember to mention it to your rep so the interlock accessory can be added during production. Storage carts are available to help properly stack chairs maximizing the most of your space.

Worship Chairs

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