Working with us on a project

Working with us on a project

Are you looking for furniture to be used in your church, synagogue, or courtroom? Are you doing a renovation project, building new or needing additional seating? Not really familiar with the process of purchasing furniture or have questions? No worries, Sauder Worship Seating is happy to help every step of the way.

Sauder Manufacturing Home Office Exterior in Archbold, OH

Sauder Worship Seating is located in Archbold, Ohio. All furniture is custom built for each of our customers. Our goal is to bring your vision to reality. We know you’ll find the process to be seamless. The following will help guide you on how we will work together.

Project in mind, what’s next?

To begin the process, first visit our website. This interactive website will feature all Sauder Worship Seating products (chairs, pews, platform furniture, etc.) As well as literature, photos and case studies. Be sure to read through customer testimonials and FAQs for additional tips.

Feeling overwhelmed with all the choices? No worries, let us help find your sales consultant.

Locate a Consultant here by entering your zip code, or call 1-800-537-1530.

Once you connect by phone or email, your local consultant will listen to your various needs. Then together you can brainstorm ideas for project.  

Did you look through our literature or need to see any samples?

All of Sauder Worship Seating literature brochures are available online to view and download. We do also have print copies available upon request. Please contact your consultant or fill out the contact us form. Specify in the comments section the literature you would like to receive.

Your local sales consultant is happy to meet with you or a committee to go through brochures in more detail. You consultant is available to answer all your questions. As well, bring samples of furniture, whether it be products or photos from various projects. 

Looking for a project quote? This estimate will include true cost of seating portion of a project. While factoring in your capacity, type of seating, projected growth and other variables.

Samples and sample cards are available when selecting finishes and fabrics. If you are in need of samples or sample cards to help with presentation boards, fundraising efforts, etc., please let us know.

For accuracy, measurements will be taken of location where furniture will be going. Making special note of any obstacles (e.g. pillars) that will need to be taken into consideration. While also verifying seating options are in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Your sales consultant will then work with their CAD designer to draw a blueprint of your facility. The drawings will include what your layout looks like with selected Sauder Worship Seating products. This is a great opportunity to visualize the entire project and confirm that your desired focal points are maintained.

Decided on what to order?

Let the fun begin as your vision becomes reality. Knowing what furniture you want to order, our sales consultant will discuss all of the choices you have with each piece. Sauder Worship Seating does offer customization, accessories, etc. 

Orders booked, now what?

Once you submit your order, a sales assistant will receive the new order and help process it through order entry.  At that time, your project coordinator will work directly with you for the next part of the process. We call this process, Shared Expectations program. Your project coordinator will assist in finalizing the details. These include fabric and finish selection, communication of production schedules. As well as delivery and installation timing.

Our standard product lead-time is approximately 12-14 weeks. Lead-time begins when all details of your order are complete. Please note it may be possible to deliver sooner than our standard lead-time. Your project coordinator will work with you to determine best possible delivery. 

Production time, your order is being crafted.

Your order is in production, with our skilled craftsmen making sure every detail is just right. We take great pride in our quality of work. We hope you are delighted when the project is complete.

Are you ready?  It’s time for delivery and installation.

Once production is complete on your order, we will ship to your specific location. Our installation teams are located throughout the United States. This creates a seamless installation from the time the truck arrives at your doorstep, until the last item is fully installed.

Thank you for working with Sauder Worship Seating!

Thank you for your business. If you or your committee feels compelled to share your satisfaction, please consider offering a testimonial or posting on social media. Sauder Worship Seating always enjoys hearing from our customers and look forward to working with you again!

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