My Resource Library

One of the best resources we have at our fingertips is the internet. We are able to access all kinds of information in a matter of seconds. Sauder Worship Seating has been a partner with My Resource Library (MRL) since 2014. Providing access to all of our literature in digital format through our website and My Resource Library. This enables anyone to view our literature anytime, anywhere.

But what is My Resource Library? How does it work? How is it better than viewing literature on a website?

my resource library, mrl

My Resource Library (MRL) is the premier virtual library service in the contract market. MRL provides the information you would normally find in a physical binder but in a portable format. The binder is in a digital format ensuring that your binder is always available, always up to date and organized. After creating a log-in, you will be able to view all digital binders which include a range of products from furniture to fabric. You can build your own custom binder complete with important information and share it with the rest of your team. The flexibility of digital literature allows every team member to view literature and options anywhere they go.

MRL also provides updates and information on new binders and products just hitting the market. Sign up for MRL to start building your custom digital binder today.

Our team is here to help with questions. Let us know how we can assist.