Who We Are

Our Core Values

In an ever-changing world, our core values are constant. The core values of Sauder Worship Seating® have guided our organization since 1934, providing a foundation for how we work, how we interact with team members and customers, and how we determine which strategies will be adopted to fulfill our mission of service.


We are trustworthy. Our strong moral principles have guided us since our founding in 1934, and we are honest, sincere, disciplined, and committed to service.


We embrace servant leadership. The people of Sauder Worship Seating are motivated and truly inspired by serving others and contributing to their successes. We enjoy the work we do, we appreciate the people we work with, and we are grateful for the customers we serve.


We’ve been building church furniture for nearly 90 years. The team at Sauder Worship Seating® is dedicated to creating superior quality worship furniture and providing excellent service to our customers. We make and deliver beautiful, functional, long-lasting worship furniture with an extensive, industry-leading product warranty.


We foster a culture of innovation. Across every department and team at Sauder Worship Seating we encourage collaboration and the sharing of new ideas. We welcome challenges … and have the experience, skill, technology, engineering, and creativity to build anything you can imagine.

A few product innovations exclusive to Sauder Worship Seating:

  • Ergonomics – Every pew, chair, or bench seat is ergonomically contoured for maximum comfort while sitting during worship services.
  • Quiet Operation – Every auditorium seat offers a remarkably quiet operation as it moves, eliminating noise distractions. The gravity lift seat design results in more aisle space, so you’re comfortable both sitting and standing during services.
  • Pew Design – Radiance Curved Pews create a warm and welcoming space.
  • Furniture Finishes – The 2K polyurethane finish is a technology-forward robust, long-lasting finish capable of withstanding the harshest chemical cleaners and disinfectants. It is also remarkably resistant to prolonged UV light exposure.

Environmental Stewardship

We respect and protect the environment. Through a range of sustainable design and stewardship programs, Sauder Worship Seating is committed to caring for our planet and resources. Our approach includes responsible sourcing, conserving, recycling, and continuously enhancing internal sustainability-focused processes. It’s all part of our long-term commitment to our employees, community, customers, and future generations.

In support of our environmental efforts, we participate in BIFMA LEVEL® e3Clean Air® and GREENGUARD® certification programs.

Our team is here to help with questions. Let us know how we can assist.