St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox

Spotlight on St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox – Radial Pews

When St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox in Rocky River, Ohio was looking to renovate their church, they put their trust in us. The goal was to create a worship environment that was not only warm but also welcoming. The church was able to connect with their local sales consultant to capture this feeling. The parish decided on radial pews, straight pews, frontals as well as wooden kneelers.

Opening the doors to the sanctuary, congregants immediately capture the presence of beauty within the church walls. Looking up to the ceiling, a dome features icons of the 12 prophets on the inside. Beneath this, on the base of the dome you see the 12 apostles. Continuing down the aisle towards the altar, the curves from the radial pews accent the building architecture.


During the last decade, churches are asking for seating layouts that are more intimate. This helps build stronger engagement during services. As well as create a unity amongst congregants. In response to this need, Sauder Worship Seating introduced the Radiance curved pew in 2013.


Radial pews are inspired by nature and crafted with experience. Each pew is made-to-order with infinitely variable concentric radii. Our standard ergonomic seat contour provides long-term seating comfort. St. Demetrios chose frontals to provide privacy. Together with  kneelers and book racks to complete the renovation.

All wood pews and accessories

With all wood pews for St. Demetrios, the committee chose wood book racks and wood kneelers. As a result they accent the pews beautifully. With kneeling being part of the service at St. Demetrios, congregants enjoy the comfort and quietness of our kneelers. This is due to the cold-molded foam that we use vs. conventional foam.


Each solid wood support is anchored to the floor, allowing for more stability. St. Demetrios has floors that slope and gradually lead to the altar.


For the choir area and additional seating St. Demetrios chose straight pews. The underseat book rack allows access to hymnals.


Throughout the seating layout, wheelchair accessibility is built in to satisfy ADA requirements.    

Pew ends are a prominent visual piece for any church. Absolute uniformity with each cross at St. Demetrios helps create the worship environment that serves their congregants.


Each detail is handcrafted to highlight the natural beauty of wood, from the exceptional quality finish to the flowing contours and curves.


St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox captures the natural beauty with a warm and welcoming worship environment!

Look at St. Demetrios Orthodox Church from different perspectives in our video.

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