The Softer Side of Radiance

In April 2013, we gave the Catholic market the all-wood radial pews. At that time, we were aware that churches may desire more than an all-wood curved pew. By listening to the style and comfort needs of the unique congregations we work with, we knew the addition of upholstery to our curved pew offering was essential.The softer side of Radiance. Radial pew with upholstered seat.

After finding the results from our extensive research and development, including comfort trials and strength testing. We are happy to launch our new upholstered seat curved pew body #301-4198. This new product is the next phase in our line of Radiance curved pews, and is now available for order.

Radiance pews offer the following features and benefits:

  • New upholstered seat option features contoured foam, providing extra support at critical pressure points.
  • True concentric radius layout allows seating to become a stunning design feature. Allowing it to accent the building’s architecture.
  • Each solid wood support is anchored to the floor for added stability.
  • Back, seat and cap are routed into the end. Providing strength and a finished look.
  • Cap tongue-and-groove runs full length of back for strength and durability.

Ordering & Options

  • Available with all standard ends and our full line of accessories.
  • Each pew is made-to-order with infinitely variable concentric radii.
  • Choose from 8 standard wood species and 12 finish colors.
  • Upholstered seats available in a wide variety of fabric patterns & colors.

Our team is here to help with questions. Let us know how we can assist.