Platform Furniture

Gothic style furniture with ornate design

Gothic style furniture is designed with heavy gothic influence in the style of each piece of furniture. The styling can include ornate details, pointed arches, trefoils and quatrefoils but can also be quite simple.


Pulpit, Ambo, Lectern, Baptismal Font, Reading Stand  More +


Altar Rails, Altar Tables, Communion Rails, Communion Tables  More +


Clergy Chairs, Narthex Bench, Prayer Bench  More +


Memorial Desk, Registration Desk, Flower Stands, Cross, Hymn Boards, Register Boards, Wedding Kneeler  More +

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Case Study

St. Raphael Parish

The reputation of Sauder® Worship Seating as a premier supplier of congregational seating has earned recognition among many Catholic dioceses including the historic St. Raphael Church in Koloa, Hawaii...

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