Auditorium Seating

Contemporary auditorium style seating

Contemporary Auditorium Style Seating

Clarity and Vista Auditorium seating is ideal for contemporary styles of worship and courtroom jury and spectator seating. Developed with market expertise & design technology, our auditorium seating offers the quality, craftsmanship and functional benefits that customers have come to expect from Sauder Worship Seating and Sauder Courtroom Furniture. Two unique back options provide unparalleled comfort, remarkably quiet operation and the lowest lifetime ownership cost. Contact your Sales Consultant to discover more about auditorium seating.


Clarity Back Options

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Clarity Standard Back can be adjusted from 20" to 22 1/2" spacing

Clarity High Back is best suited for balconies and risers

Clarity Wide Back can be adjusted from 22"to 24" spacing


Vista Back Options

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Vista Standard Back can be adjusted from 20" to 22 1/2" spacing

Vista High Back is best suited for balconies and risers

Vista Wide Back can be adjusted from 22" to 24" spacing


Visit the Pew Ends page to discover how our standard pew ends can help customize your worship environment.


Features & Benefits

  • Gravity-lift seat mechanism provides remarkably quiet operation and lower maintenance than spring-lift seats (no springs, inner moving parts or dampening mechanisms to wear out)
  • Renewable upholstery allows for easy replacement of stained or damaged fabric
  • Molded foam over contoured seat and back supports provide optimal lumbar supportwith over 4” of foam at critical pressure points
  • Our unique variable spacing system utilizes adjustable spacing brackets and two cushion widths to provide the following benefits:
    • Flexibility for adjustments on-site during installation
    • Reduction of unusual seat transitions from large to small cushion sizes
    • Allows for even row ends, creating clean aisle sightlines
    • Requires less attic stock with only two cushion sizes



Clarity Line Drawings

Vista Line Drawings


Options & Accessories

Clarity and Vista have a variety of options and accessories, giving you the ability to customize your seating to fit the needs of your congregation. A few of these options are shown here.

End Panel Options


Medium Wood Panels



Small Wood Panels



Large Wood Panels



Small, Medium and Large Upholstered End Panels



Medium Swing-out ADA End Panel (Wood or Upholstered)



Large Swing-out ADA End Panel (Wood or Upholstered)



Arm Options


Stationary wood arm



Stationary poly arm



Lift up arm (wood or poly)



Armless cap



Back-mounted Accessories


Wood Back panels



Poly Back panels



Upholstered Back panels



Poly Accessories



Poly Accessories


Poly Book Holder


Drink Holder

auditorium drink holder



Poly Book Holder



Wood & Metal Card, Cup and Pencil Holder



Wood Book Holder



Wood & Metal Book Holder



Wood Card, Cup and Pencil Holder



Wood Book and Cup Holder



Mounting Options


Offset mount



Straight floor mount


  • 2- and 3-seat removable units available
  • Cantilever and riser-mount standards available
  • Multiple degree recline mount options (0, 2.5, or 5)


Additional Options


Aisle lights



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Chapel Hill Fellowship—Wichita, Kansas

Christian Heritage Academy—Del City, OK

First Baptist Church—Hinton, OK

Lenexa Baptist Church—Lenexa, KS

Quail Springs Baptist—Oklahoma City, OK

Malibu Presbyterian Church—Malibu, CA

Glad Tidings Church—West Lawn, PA

North Creek Church—Walnut Creek, CA

Life Fellowship—Westminister, CO

Case Study

The Hills Church of Christ

Sauder® Worship Seating is a company known not only for manufacturing quality worship seating, but also as an innovator in collaboration with architects and clients such as The Hills Church, formerly known as Richland Hills Church of Christ...

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