St. Pius X - Granger, IN

Our Legacy

Our Legacy Installation from 1934 at Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Defiance, OH.
Our First Installation – 1934
Bethlehem Lutheran Church – Defiance, OH

Our legacy begins in 1934 when a Northwest Ohio church suffered a fire. The congregation hired Erie Sauder to rebuild all of the woodwork in the recently burned church. The rebuild included pews and platform furniture. That furniture is still in use today.

Six founding members officially formed Sauder® Manufacturing Co., each with a passion for creating church furniture. The company saw its first expansion in 1951, after delivering its first long-distance order to Oregon in a milk truck.

In response to changing church furniture trends, Sauder Manufacturing Co. purchased an English chair company in 1971. The integration was successful at our location in Stryker, Ohio where wood plybending continues today in the production of church chairs, and other wood seating.

Today, we combine skilled craftsmanship with modern technology. This approach allows Sauder Worship Seating to answer the call of ever-changing market trends. We partner with you to design products with undeniable creativity, quality, and value.

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