Spotlight – Kevin Carrier

Kevin Carrier

Sauder Worship Seating Sales Consultant Kevin Carrier

Kevin’s career began with Sauder Worship Seating over 20 years ago. Based out of New York, Kevin’s territory spans the New England states from New Jersey to Maine and all Eastern Canada. Kevin is best known for his consistency and aptitude for helping customers, while serving others. We are fortunate to have Kevin as a member of our team as his commitment to servant leadership and work ethic align with Sauder Worship Seating’s purpose and core values. We had the pleasure of interviewing Kevin to learn more about him as a person and as a sales consultant. Learn more about Kevin below.

Tell us a little about yourself.

My wife, Lynn, and I have celebrated 31 years of marriage this year; and together we have three wonderful daughters and five grandchildren. We enjoy traveling, and I’d have to say that my dream vacation would be to visit my family’s roots in Ireland – as I was born there. When I am not working, my time is focused on family activities. We stay extremely busy attending their sporting events and music programs. 

Upholstered Duet Seat with Wood Back and Aisle and Seat Numbering

What is your favorite product and why?

My favorite product is all of them! However, one of our products that is not featured prominently based on the specificity of the product, is our Duet seating. I find this product fascinating as it combines the pew-style and auditorium-style seating. It perfectly reflects the vast capabilities that Sauder can do with their furniture. For me, our Duet seating represents a blend of Sauder’s commitment to traditional styles and modern expectations for worship furniture.

What do you enjoy about your job as a sales consultant?

I thoroughly enjoy working with congregations (Christian and Jewish) throughout the Northeast. Seeing how these communities balance their support of historical traditions with current and future needs is inspiring. Many spaces in the Northeast have established buildings needing restoration or renovations. Sauder Worship Seating can manufacture customized furniture to complement this balance. I am always happy to see how our seating can express the identities and values of various communities and worship spaces. 

A Memorable Project

Sauder Worship Seating Pews and Chairs inside historic synagogue Stanton Street Shul in lower Manhattan.
Sauder Worship Seating Furniture inside historic synagogue Stanton Street Shul in lower Manhattan.

One of my more memorable projects was Stanton Street Shul. This was a historic synagogue in lower Manhattan, and the installation renovation was complete in 2018. The installation consisted of Beech wood pews and Vantage chairs. We also had a custom accessory made for the pews, which consisted of a flip-up shelf mounted on the back side of the pew. The historical significance was astonishing because it is one of the few surviving tenement-style synagogues in New York City. When I first went to this project, prior to the renovation, the interior was dark and uninviting. We worked with their designer and created custom pews and chairs to fit their floor plan – to create a newly transformed space. Overall the Sauder manufacturing specialists and installers did a great job, and everyone involved was pleased with the final product and installation!

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