Installation and Educational Videos

Looking for a helpful video to learn how to maintain your upholstered and wood furniture? Or perhaps a virtual installation tour? Check out Sauder WS videos below! If you have an idea for another helpful video, please use the contact us. 

Sauder Worship Overview

Sauder Worship Renovation

Ada First United Methodist Church

St. Regis

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Or Olam

Sauder Worship Courtroom Jury Seat

Sauder Worship Scratch Gouge Repair

Sauder Worship Water Based Stain Removal

Sauder Worship Oil Based Stain Removal

Sauder Worship Candle Wax Removal

A Rep

Case Study

St. Francis of Assisi

Our reputation has earned the respect and recognition of Catholic dioceses throughout the USA, including St. Francis of Assisi in Triangle, VA...

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